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Cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have redefined how Software Developers and DevOps teams work in today’s fast-moving business environment. Developers now have a broad toolset and platform to build scalable, resilient applications and infrastructure platforms to drive business growth and profitability, but can get bogged down in the details of an ever-increasing cloud footprint and security concerns.

Emerging trends in DevOps such as continuous delivery, deployment, and integration and new technologies like IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are driving new solutions and new challenges into today’s development environment.

We work with a wide variety of software development teams, including:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Companies
  • Application Developers
  • Web & Mobile Developers
  • DevOps Teams
  • Internal IT and Development Departments
  • Data Scientists

Challenges within Cloud Platforms

As adoption of cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure continue to grow, the need for management and governance of these platforms becomes more important each day.

Failure to implement proper management of your chosen cloud platform can result in a variety of problems including performance issues, escalating costs, and security vulnerabilities. Implementing a management tool can easily be done, but knowing the best practices around performance management, cost optimization, and multi-cloud security can be challenging and often is out of the scope of many development groups.

In addition, security concerns continue to plague companies of all sizes. Traditional security solutions and methodologies are often ineffective or simply not suitable to scalable IaaS and PaaS environments, and no one wants to risk a data breach that could harm the business.

Often, software developers and DevOps teams turn to internal IT departments to help them with implementation of management and security solutions, but many IT teams lack the cloud focus and expertise that a trusted partner brings to an engagement.

Azure & AWS Consulting Services

Our team of certified AWS and Azure consultants will work with your IT and development teams to design and implement a scalable and cost-efficient cloud environment to achieve your business goals.

Combined with our mPOWER CloudSecure platform, we can efficiently deliver a complete cloud solution with the proper security features to meet your company’s requirements.

Our cloud migration and consulting services are designed to support and enhance an active development environment. We take a comprehensive lifecycle approach, but clients may also choose to engage us on specific items within our cloud services portfolio.

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  • Assessment and Planning
  • Cloud Architecture and Design
  • Performance and Capacity Planning
  • Cost Analysis and Optimization
  • Implementation and Migration Services
  • Integration with Existing Infrastructure
  • Security Assessment & Solution Implementation
  • Data Protection & Disaster Recovery
  • Documentation
  • Ongoing Support & Administration
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