secure remote working solutions with Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft Azure


Leverage the cloud to modernize your IT infrastructure.

  mPOWER Cloud PC

Solve remote work challenges with the simplicity and security of Windows 365 Cloud PC.

Our mPOWER Cloud PC platform leverages Windows 365, Azure, and Microsoft 365 to provide your employees with a familiar, secure, and scalable Windows 10 experience combined with responsive support, advanced options, and simplified billing.

  • Quickly deploy secure desktops for work-from-home or remote workers
  • Enjoy a dedicated, high-performance Windows 10 desktop experience
  • Scalable performance and storage options
  • Combine with our mPOWER CloudSecure Suite, Microsoft 365, and Teams Phone System for an all-in-one desktop, security, and productivity bundle
  • Improved security compared to traditional Remote Desktop Server
  • Lowered costs and simplified licensing compared to Remote Desktop Server
  • Support for Microsoft 365, Teams, Teams Phone System, and popular Windows applications
mPOWER Cloud Workspace - Windows Virtual Desktop - WVD

Your Personal Cloud Desktop

Your mPOWER Cloud PC uses Window 365 to securely stream a dedicated, personalized cloud desktop to any of your devices, giving you simple, secure access to all of your apps, content, and settings.

Enjoy the flexibility of working from any device as your needs change. Easily change devices, leaving documents open or applications running, and pick up right where you left off.

The device you use to connect to your Cloud PC doesn’t even need to have a fast connection -- typically just enough to stream a movie -- but the Cloud PC itself connects to your online apps and company data using an incredibly fast connection, giving you a premium, high-performance experience.

mPOWER Cloud PC - Windows 365 Cloud PC - Access your Apps and Data from Any Device

Solve common business challenges.

Whether you need a simple work-from-home solution or secure remote access for vendors and developers, mPOWER Cloud PC and Windows 365 can solve your business IT challenges.

Use your Cloud PC as a high-performance desktop for CPU or GPU-intensive applications or deploy Cloud PCs to existing devices to avoid the recent PC supply chain shortages.

Take advantage of Cloud PC's zero-trust security approach to meet compliance requirements for healthcare, finance, and other regulated industries.

  • Create a simple and secure work-from-home solution
  • Provide secure remote access for vendors, developers, seasonal employees, interns, and more
  • Deploy a high-performance PC experience using your existing devices

Connect from anywhere using any device. No VPN required.

Securely access your mPOWER Cloud PC from Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices, including thin clients and Chromebooks.

Easily and securely connect from any location - no VPN required. mPOWER Cloud PC makes BYOD a reality without the headache.


Flexible options.

Choose from 2, 4, and 8 vCPU configurations with 4, 8, 16, or 32GB of memory, and storage options ranging from 64GB to 512GB.

GPU-optimized options are coming soon to support users that use high-performance graphics-intensive applications.

database machines protected by complete cloud data backup and disaster recovery

Seamless Integration

Our mPOWER Cloud PC solution integrates into your company’s existing Active Directory and Microsoft 365 environments to provide single sign-on capabilities and a seamless end user experience.

Built-in support for Multi-Factor Authentication ensures only your employees can access your secure cloud environment.

  • Supports Microsoft Active Directory
  • Support Microsoft 365 & Azure Active Directory
  • Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication

Security & Compliance

Your business data is well protected with multi-factor authentication, encryption, intrusion protection, and anti-malware that is built in to our mPOWER Cloud PC platform.

Leverage Microsoft Azure’s extensive certifications such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2 to meet your company’s compliance needs.

  • Multi-layered security model comes standard
  • No VPN or open ports required
  • HIPAA, SOC1/SOC2, & ISO 27001 Compliance
  • Key building block for high security / compliance environments

Choose a plan and customize it for your business.

Select from our most popular packages and easily add options to build your custom solution. We'll guide you every step of the way.

Cloud Desktop + Basic Security



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Windows 10 Cloud-Based Desktop

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Cloud Desktop + Advanced Security



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Windows 10 Cloud-Based Desktop

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

mPOWER CloudSecure Suite

Cloud Desktop + Adv Security + Voice



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Windows 10 Cloud-Based Desktop

Microsoft 365 BP or E5

mPOWER CloudSecure Suite

Teams-based Phone System with Microsoft 365 Business Voice




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