secure remote working solutions with Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft Azure


Leverage the cloud to modernize your IT infrastructure.

  Microsoft Azure Migrations & Strategy

Unlock the scalability and power of the cloud.

Our mPOWER Cloud Consulting services leverages our team of Azure certified Cloud Solution Architects to provide you the expertise you need to implement secure and scalable cloud solutions your business can rely upon.

Whether you need to deploy a single app in the cloud or migrate your entire production environment, our team has the experience and resources to ensure a seamless transition to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.

Our team of Azure certified Cloud Solution Architects will assess your application infrastructure and existing IT infrastructure to design and implement a scalable and cost-effective cloud environment to achieve your business goals.

  • Create a simple and secure work-from-home solution
  • Provide secure remote access for vendors, developers, seasonal employees, interns, and more
  • Deploy a high-performance PC experience using your existing devices



Key Benefits

Scalability & Resiliency 

Azure provides robust options to scale server, database, application, and storage workloads to meet production needs as your company grows, along with redundancy and resiliency to ensure your infrastructure is available and operating at maximum performance. 

Avoid Costly Hardware Refreshes

Many businesses can benefit by shifting from on-premise servers and datacenter investments to Azure. Often, the cost of an Azure migration is less than the costs of refreshing hardware.

Simplified Licensing

Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server licensing can be complex to track and expensive to upgrade. Azure servers and SQL instances include the necessary licensing, and offer options for "bring-your-own-license" scenarios to protect existing investments.

Choose a plan and customize it for your business.

Select from our most popular packages and easily add options to build your custom solution. We'll guide you every step of the way.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

  Modern Identity Management

As you make the journey to the cloud, Azure Active Directory provides a powerful solution to modernize your identity management. 

Azure Active Directory is at the heart of Microsoft 365 and integrates into your company’s existing Active Directory environments to provide single sign-on capabilities and a seamless end user experience.

Simplify the sign-in process for employees and gain powerful management and security options by shifting your identity management to Azure Active Directory.

  • Improve security and eliminate 3rd-party solutions to reduce complexity and costs
  • Quickly deploy Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Integrate with traditional Microsoft Active Directory Environments
  • Unify the login experience between Microsoft 365, Azure, and key applications

  Security & Data Protection

Moving workloads to Azure can deliver marked improvements for cyber security and data protection.

Azure Security and Microsoft Defender for Cloud provide deep insight into your security posture, providing multi-layered protection for cloud and on-premise assets.

In addition, Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery provide data protection for cloud and on-premise workloads to ensure data remains safe and available.

  • Back up all your infrastructure, databases, and storage workloads with ease from a central location.
  • Get application-consistent snapshots of Azure Virtual Machines running on both Windows and Linux.
  • Protect mission-critical infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) databases such as SQL Server
  • Safeguard against data loss with Azure Files and Azure Blob Storage.

  Azure Virtual Desktop

Solve remote work challenges with the power and scalability of Azure Virtual Desktop.

Our team leverages Azure Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365 to provide your employees with a familiar, secure, and scalable Windows experience combined with responsive support, advanced options, and simplified billing.

Azure Virtual Desktop is the optimal choice to replace aging Remote Desktop Services and VPN connections, simplifying management and reducing complexity for end users.

  • Quickly deploy secure desktops for work-from-home or remote workers
  • Enjoy a dedicated, high-performance Windows desktop experience
  • Scalable performance and storage options
  • Combine with our mPOWER CloudSecure Suite, Microsoft 365, and Teams Phone System for an all-in-one desktop, security, and productivity bundle
  • Improved security compared to traditional Remote Desktop Server
  • Lowered costs and simplified licensing compared to Remote Desktop Server
  • Support for Microsoft 365, Teams, Teams Phone System, and popular Windows applications
mPOWER Cloud Workspace - Windows Virtual Desktop - WVD

  Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC

Spin up cloud desktop quickly and easily using Windows 365.

Microsoft Windows 365 provides a simple yet powerful option to provide a secure and scalable cloud desktop for remote employees, contractors, or temporary staff. 

Securely access your Windows 365 Cloud PC from Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices, including thin clients and Chromebooks.

Easily and securely connect from any location - no VPN required. Windows 365 Cloud PCs makes BYOD a reality without the headache.

mPOWER Cloud PC - Windows 365 Cloud PC - Access your Apps and Data from Any Device


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