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  mPOWER Business Program

Comprehensive technology and support for your business.


Our mPOWER Business Program delivers a responsive and innovative managed IT services engagement to support your business and drive growth.

We provide the technical support, project expertise, strategic guidance, and innovative technology solutions to transform your company into a modern, secure, cloud-enabled business.

Our certified team focuses on implementing, supporting and administering cloud, on-premise, and hybrid infrastructure, managed network security, and advanced collaboration and voice solutions focused around the Microsoft ecosystem.


Flexible Plans, Comprehensive Security.

Choose from fully managed or co-managed service plans that are scalable and customizable to meet your exact business needs.

We'll also provide our mPOWER CloudSecure Suite to protect your employees, devices, and network against security threats while ensuring your data and applications remain available and protected against loss.


Rely on our award-winning team.

Our experienced, award-winning team focuses on developing a personal relationship with our clients, learning about your business needs and how best to apply technology to solve problems and create new opportunities.


Benefits of Hiring an MSP


Complete Coverage

Rest assured knowing that your IT systems are being monitored at all times to optimize performance, reduce downtime, prevent security attacks, and protect your data.


Industry Expertise

With advanced certifications and training, our team will ensure that your business stays current with the most up-to-date technologies.


Predictable Budget

With our flexible monthly subscriptions, you’ll be able to accurately project your IT spend without any surprises.



Enjoy 24/7 monitoring and access to a highly-diverse team that is unaffected by sick leave, vacation, or turnover with 3x more availability than traditional in-house individuals.


Performance & Reporting

Receive in-depth analytics on asset management, issue reporting, resource allocation, account activity and full insight into the overall IT health of your organization.

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  mPOWER Business Features

The mPOWER Business Program includes key services to provide your company with an efficient, cost-effective, and responsive IT experience:


Comprehensive Coverage

Our managed IT service plans include administration and support for your employees, their devices, your network, servers, and all of the cloud solutions your company needs.



Live Help Desk

Our US-based support team works in real-time to provide rapid response to your end users. Contact us by phone, email, and via our support portal and enjoy the benefits of a responsive IT team.



24 x 7 Monitoring

Experience peace of mind knowing that every device in your network is monitored at all times. Our team will keep your infrastructure in good health by responding to issues before they disrupt your productivity.



Strategic IT Leadership

Enjoy the benefits of a virtual CIO/CTO and strategic guidance on industry best practices. From budgeting forecasts to technology updates, you’ll have an expert team advising you how to achieve your long-term goals.


Cyber Security

We’ll safeguard your company’s most valuable assets: your employees and your data. We provide a multi-layer defense to protect against phishing, viruses, hacking, and ransomware threats.



Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your data is crucial to your business and the target of constant threats — from hackers to ransomware. As part of your plan, we’ll monitor your backups to ensure quick recovery from any loss or compromise.



Online Portal & Reporting

We strive to be fully transparent with our clients. You’ll receive detailed regular reporting with your invoice, so you’ll know where your budget is being spent and the actions being performed on your account.



Sales & Procurement Services

Our operations team will work closely with you to procure the IT equipment, software, and subscriptions you need. Enjoy the benefits of consolidated billing, inventory management, and competitive pricing from our industry-leading vendors.

  mPOWER Business Portal

Access support, training, reporting and submit requests with ease.


mPOWER Business Portal


  The Tech Support Easy Button

Employees can quickly access self-help resources or request technical support from our team with ease. All of our interactions are updated in real time, keeping everyone up to date on our efforts. 

Our easy to use interface can be customized for your company's applications, asking employees application-specific questions to quickly identify and route requests to the right subject matter expert while providing links to self-help information for common issues.

In addition to support resources, our mPOWER Business Portal can function as your Single Sign-On dashboard, quickly linking employees to the applications they need every day.

  • Easy Access via Single Sign-On
  • Request Technical Support
  • Quickly See Status of Requests

 Employee Onboarding Automation

To support growing companies, we provide customizable forms to automate employee onboarding and change requests, with direct integrations into HR systems, identity management platforms, and popular applications. This allows us to deliver powerful workflow automation to create accounts, provision applications, assign security rights, and start the procurement process for any required PCs, software, or accessories needed. 

Beyond the required IT components, we can also gather information and route requests to specific departments such as marketing, facilities, or any other team that needs to be part of the hiring process.     

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Role Changes
  • Departing Employee Offboarding
  • Submit Procurement Requests

  Simplified Online Training

Keeping your employees productive and effective requires ensuring they have the proper training. Our mPOWER Business Portal includes helpful, self-paced training on a variety of topics from Microsoft Office to Security Awareness Training and more. 

Our team can customize training materials to meet your needs, import your existing training or documentation, and track who has completed important courses to support compliance and security efforts or critical training initiatives.

  • Self-Paced Training
  • Customizable Content
  • Course Completion Reporting

  Robust Reporting

Reporting has become a critical part of our customer engagements, helping us to make informed decisions, identifying areas of improvement, and supporting security and compliance requirements.  

Our mPOWER Business Portal provides reporting across a variety of topics from technical support and device inventory to security reporting and real-time service metrics.

Our Account Managers utilize our reporting to help guide monthly and quarterly roadmap meetings, create budgeting estimates, and identifying opportunities for improving your IT infrastructure. 

  • Inventory Reporting
  • Equipment Configuration and Performance Reporting
  • Security Reporting
  • Service Metrics Dashboard
Secure MSP - Secure Managed IT Services Provider

  mPOWER CloudSecure Suite

Intelligent Security to Protect Your Business

The mPOWER CloudSecure Suite is a comprehensive solution that provides a secure, modern ecosystem for your business, all managed by our certified security professionals.

Based on Microsoft 365 and the industry's leading security solutions, we've specifically designed our security suite to empower your employees, safeguard your business data, and simplify your IT.

Our certified security professionals will monitor your cyber security 24x7, provide robust security assessments, and guide you to meet cyber insurance requirements and follow industry best practices for security standards such as CIS, NIST, HIPAA, PCI, and more.

  • 24x7 Monitored EDR Endpoint Security for PCs, Macs, & Servers
  • 24x7 Security Monitoring of Microsoft 365 and Azure
  • Advanced Cloud-Based Firewall, DNS & Content Filtering
  • Co-Managed SIEM - Consolidates events for security analysis & further action
  • Microsoft 365 Backup & Archiving for Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery for Servers & Desktops
  • Advanced Phishing & Spam Protection
  • Security Awareness Training & Phish Testing 
  • Optional Governance, Risk, and Compliance Platform for Detailed Policy & Reporting

Our Values

Our team and our culture is built from exceptional people who exhibit key traits and a mindset that
creates an environment of energy, creativity, cooperation and innovation.

People First

Our business is based around people, not technology. We practice empathy, compassion, and cooperation to solve problems and support each other.


We look for team members that have that spark and energy to grow their careers and strive for success in all that they pursue.


Communication is the glue that holds many of our core values together. We strive to ensure we're empathetic, active listeners and that our communication is proactive, thoughtful, and transparent.


Being proactive, attentive, and thinking ahead are the key traits we lean on to stay in tune with our clients and fellow team members.


We emphasize respect, clear communication, courtesy, and follow-through to complement our team's deep technical skills.


Being invested, accountable, and focused on the quality of our work helps us ensure a successful outcome for the challenges we tackle every day.



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