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IT Support for the Energy Industry & Engineering Firms

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Technology has always been at the center of the energy and engineering industries, and new and emerging solutions are driving firms to reevaluate how they plan on leveraging technology to achieve their goals and fuel growth.

Scalable, on-demand cloud computing, database-as-a-service, and nearly limitless storage has opened up opportunities for creating new forecasting models and big data analysis that was previously cost-prohibitive using traditional on-premise server and storage resources.

Our team will help you to explore these options and create a technology roadmap that is in sync with your business plans and your data processing needs.

We work with a variety of energy and engineering firms, including:

  • Architecture & Design
  • Scientific Firms & Laboratories
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Utilities
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewable Energy


Technical Business Challenges

The technology demands on energy and other engineering firms are becoming increasingly focused around computing capacity and the ability to house and analyze large sets of data.

As data gathering expands into internet-connected devices, or IoT devices, the need to securely and reliably transfer this information to scalable cloud-hosted databases is also on the rise.

Anyone can point and say “host that in the cloud” but taking the next step of defining the architecture, security model, networking requirements, and the implications to employees and vendors often exceeds the skill sets or focus areas of most engineering firms.

In addition, many energy and engineering firms possess or are developing intellectual property and confidential data that must be protected with a solid network security solution. Traditional firewalls and antivirus software isn’t enough, and the need to securely exchange data and reporting between applications, employees, and vendors creates unique challenges prompting many firms to look to a trusted partner to fulfill these needs.


Key Solutions

To meet these challenges, we’ve assembled a few key solutions to address the needs of energy and engineering firms. Combined with our mPOWER Business Professional Managed IT Services plans, we’ll ensure your firm can leverage our cloud, security, and support solutions to drive your company forward.

  • Microsoft Azure Consulting
  • Cloud & On-Premise Server & Storage Solutions
  • Compute on Demand
  • Scalable Database & Big Data Hosting Solutions
  • Secure File Sync & Sharing
  • High-Performance Workstations
  • Software Licensing


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