Managed IT Services

What are Managed IT Services?

As a Managed Services Provider (commonly referred to as an “MSP”), machineLOGIC serves as the primary IT provider for our clients. We proactively manage every aspect of your infrastructure, remotely monitoring every device and application on your network.

We design, install, manage, and support industry leading IT solutions to secure your business’ data, enhance productivity, and support day-to-day IT operations.

We handle all the technology required to meet your employees’ modern needs and to accommodate all the different ways that they perform — whether in the office or working remotely.

Our team provides strategic leadership to create a technology road map, enabling you to make the proper purchasing, implementation, and budgeting decisions, so you have a clear vision for the future of your IT.

Benefits of Hiring an MSP

Complete Coverage
Rest assured knowing that your IT systems are being monitored at all times to optimize performance, reduce downtime, prevent security attacks, and protect your data.

Industry Expertise
With advanced certifications and training, our team will ensure that your business stays current with the most up-to-date technologies.

Predictable Budget
With our fixed monthly subscriptions, you’ll be able to accurately project your IT spend without the surprises of typical hourly billing.

Get 24/7 support and access to a highly-diverse team that is unaffected by sick leave, vacation, or turnover with 3x more availability than traditional in-house individuals.

Performance & Reporting
Receive in-depth and analytics on asset management, issue reporting, resource allocation, account activity and full insight into the overall IT health of your organization.

What’s Included? Every Aspect of Your IT is Covered

Our mPOWER Business platform allows our team to manage your entire network regardless of your company size or location.

A typical mPOWER Monthly Subscription includes:

24 / 7 Monitoring

Experience peace of mind knowing that every device in your network is monitored at all times. Our team will keep your infrastructure in good health by responding to issues before they disrupt your productivity.

Comprehensive Support

Our managed IT service plans include complete support for your employees, their devices, your network, servers, and all of the cloud solutions your company needs.

Live Help Desk

Our US-based support team works in real-time to provide rapid response to your end users. Contact us by phone, email, and via our support portal and enjoy the benefits of a responsive IT team.

Advanced Security Management

We’ll safeguard your company’s most valuable assets: your employees and your data. We provide a multi-layer defense to protect against phishing, viruses, hacking, and ransomware threats.

Cloud Backup & Management

Your data is crucial to your business and the target of constant threats — from hackers to ransomware. As part of your plan, we’ll monitor your backups to ensure quick recovery from any loss or compromise.

Strategic IT Leadership

Enjoy the benefits of a virtual CIO and strategic guidance on industry best practices. From budgeting forecasts to technology updates, you’ll have an expert team advising you how to achieve your long-term goals.

Detailed Reporting

We strive to be fully transparent with our clients. You’ll receive detailed regular reporting with your invoice, so you’ll know where your budget is being spent and the actions being performed on your account.

Sales & Procurement Services

Our operations team will work closely with you to procure the IT equipment, software, and subscriptions you need. Enjoy the benefits of consolidated billing, inventory management, and competitive pricing from our industry-leading vendors.

Choose the Right Plan for Your Business

We offer three types of support plans that are scalable, flexible, and customizable to your exact business needs.

Fully Managed

If you don’t have an existing IT team or if you’re moving away from your current provider, our Fully Managed plan will cover every aspect of your infrastructure — from your entire network to individual devices and applications.

Co-Managed IT

If you already have an in-house IT team, our Co-Managed IT plan can provide additional support to fill in the gaps — such as help desk services or strategic leadership — so your internal team can focus on your critical business objectives.

Managed + Staff Aug

With our Managed Services + Staff Augmentation plan, we’ll cover all aspects of your IT, in addition to placing staff onsite to support your day-to-day operations. From screening to hiring candidates, we’ll manage the HR overhead for you.


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