IT Support for Law Firms

We have extensive experience with law firms in a wide variety of practice areas, including workman’s compensation, personal injury, commercial litigation, intellectual property, and many others.

Our team knows that secure communications, immediate access to case data, and the ability to work while on the move is key to today’s fast-moving legal environment.

In addition, many law practices fall under strict privacy and compliance requirements such as HIPAA, SOX, and PCI-DSS. Private information and protected patient data must be kept confidential, yet the legal team must be able to easily and securely send large files to meet filing deadlines and other milestones for matters they are handling.

Clearly, network security and efficient cloud solutions must be part of any IT equation, and they need to be easy to use no matter if you’re a legal secretary, a paralegal, an attorney, or a partner.

Challenges for Law Firms

Law firms in particular have unique challenges as they attempt keep up with the demands of a busy law practice. From data privacy to secure communications, managing partners need to ensure that their important cases and clients are not at risk.

  • Is case data accessible to anyone in your firm, or only those handling those cases?
  • Is your client data encrypted on your servers?
  • Do you handle medical or financial records as part of your law practice?
  • Do you send sensitive information via e-mail?
  • Do have a way to transmit data in a secure manner?
  • If your firm was audited, would you be able to produce all e-mail messages and instant messaging associated with a specific case or employee?
  • Does your legal staff or attorneys use personal cloud solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox to store your firm’s case data?
  • If a staff member or attorney left your firm, would you be able to identify all the information they had access to and account for it properly?
  • If a staff member or attorney lost a laptop, would you be at risk for losing confidential data?

Key Solution for Legal

With these challenges in mind, we’ve assembled a few key solutions to address the important IT needs of law firms. Combined with our mPOWER Business Professional Managed IT Service plans, we’ll ensure your firm stays on track with deadlines and keeps your client’s data safe and secure.

  • Secure Cloud File Sharing
  • Disk Encryption
  • E-Mail Encryption & Archiving
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Network Vulnerability Testing
  • HIPAA Readiness Program
  • Data Loss Prevention

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