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Intelligent security to protect your business.

Tackling Modern Security Threats

In today's fast-moving business environment, companies are faced with a number of challenges when it comes to information technology and ensuring their employees can stay productive and secure.

Cyberthreats like phishing and ransomware are causing business to suffer real financial losses, incurring downtime, and putting data and revenues at risk.

Businesses are also under increased pressure to meet compliance requirements and simply protect their company's reputation.

In addition, business and their employees are changing the way they work. Today's dynamic business environment has employees working from multiple devices, often working from home or a remote office, and embracing new collaboration tools like instant messaging and video conferencing.

Keeping up with these challenges can be a daunting task for many companies.


Impact to Business


1 in 4 SMB’s is the victim of a cyberattack.


91% of cyberattacks begin with phishing email message.


33% spent more resolving the problem than it would cost to prevent it.


62% of SMB’s lack security staff to deal with security issues.


4 out of 5 companies fail internal compliance audits.



  mPOWER CloudSecure Suite

Comprehensive security to protect your business.

The mPOWER CloudSecure Suite is a comprehensive solution that provides a secure, modern ecosystem for your business managed by our certified professionals.

Based on Microsoft 365 and complimented by the industry's leading security solutions, we've specifically designed our security suite to empower your employees, safeguard your business data, and simplify your IT.

The mPOWER CloudSecure Suite provides your business with the protection you need to combat today’s emerging cybersecurity threats and provides a foundation for achieving industry best practices for HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR.

Tons of features, no headaches.

The mPOWER CloudSecure Suite combines the robust security features of Microsoft 365 complimented by key
solutions from industry-leading vendors to protect your employees, their devices, and your company’s data.

  Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365 as the foundation of our security solution, we can help you protect your business, simplify your security strategy, and allow you to confidently embrace the cloud.

  24x7 Security Monitoring

Advanced 24x7 security monitoring, logging, and threat hunting for servers, desktops, firewalls, networking, security software, and cloud platforms like Microsoft 365, Azure, and AWS.

  Cloud Identity & MFA

Provide your employees with simplified, MFA-enabled access to the applications and data they need while controlling access and ensuring security standards are properly followed.

  SASE Secure Network

SASE moves the corporate network into the cloud, supporting remote employees, protecting your networks, applications and data, all while eliminating the cost and complexity of legacy VPNs and remote access solutions.


Our cloud-first SIEM inspects and analyzes data from your endpoints, network, and cloud services to support advanced threat hunting, incident response, and security reporting.


We leverage our Governance, Risk, and Compliance platform to centralize your security and compliance reporting, perform assessments, identify opportunities to strengthen security posture, and efficiently manage our mPOWER CloudSecure Program.

  Phishing & Spam Protection

Our intelligent phishing protection dramatically reduces phishing and malware emails using advanced threat protection while providing employees with clear notifications of suspicious messages and actions they can take to report phishing attempts, even on mobile devices.

  EDR Endpoint Protection

Our approach to threat protection goes beyond simple antivirus and firewalls. We deploy intelligent, 24x7 monitored EDR/MDR security solutions to guard against today's emerging ransomware and malware threats.

  Security Awareness Training

Technology alone cannot prevent attacks. Protect your business by educating and testing your employees through automated attack simulations, engaging security awareness training, and actionable reporting metrics.

  Data Protection

Our comprehensive approach guards against equipment failure, user error, and security threats to ensure your data is safely backed up and quickly retrievable no matter what emergency strikes. 

  Device & App Management

Secure and manage any combination of personal and corporate-owned devices and control access to applications and data to protect against security threats and loss of sensitive information.

  Security Assessments

We identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your organization's IT security, work together on remediating those gaps, and work towards improving your security posture to meet cyber security insurance and compliance requirements.

Choose a plan and customize it for your business.

Select from our most popular packages and easily add options to build your custom solution. We'll guide you every step of the way.

Advanced Security for up to 300 Users

mPOWER CloudSecure Suite Essentials

Employee & Device Protection

Get Started

Microsoft 365 Business Premium
Includes Office 365 and Advanced Security Features

Identity Management
Single Sign-On and Multi-factor Authentication for simplified, secure access to apps and data

Advanced Endpoint Security Agent
Antivirus and Malware Protection for PCs & Macs

Microsoft 365 Backup & Archiving
Protects Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, & Teams

Intelligent Phishing & Spam Protection
Protects Outlook & Outlook Mobile

Security Awareness Training
Easy and effective security training for employees

Device & Application Management
Secure & Manage Windows, iOS, & Android Devices

Dark Web Monitoring
Data Breach Monitoring and Alerting

Teams Voice Option
Add Teams-based Microsoft 365 Business Voice for $20/user/month

Security & Compliance up to 300 Users

mPOWER CloudSecure Suite Professional

Essentials + 24x7 Security Monitoring

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mPOWER CloudSecure Suite
Microsoft 365 Business Premium
Identity Management
Endpoint Security Agent
Microsoft 365 Backup & Archiving
Phishing & Spam Protection
Security Awareness Training
Device & Application Management
Dark Web Monitoring
Voice Options

+ 24x7 Security Monitoring & Remediation
Advanced security monitoring, logging, and remediation for HIPAA, PCI, and other compliance environments

+ Security Vulnerability Scans
Non-intrusive scanning to identify vulnerabilities and meet compliance requirements

+ Security Reporting
Comprehensive security reporting to meet compliance requirements

Security & Compliance for 300+ Users

mPOWER CloudSecure Suite Enterprise

Professional + Microsoft 365 E3 or E5

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mPOWER CloudSecure Suite 
Microsoft 365 Business Premium
Identity Management
Endpoint Security Agent
Microsoft 365 Backup & Archving
Phishing & Spam Protection
Security Awareness Training
Device & Application Management
Dark Web Monitoring
Voice Options
24x7 Security Monitoring & Remediation
Security Vulnerability Scanning
Security Reporting

+ Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 or E5 License
Enterprise licensing for companies with 300 or more users

+ Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 Voice Option
mPOWER CloudSecure Professional featuring Teams-based Enterprise Voice capabilities of Microsoft 365 E5 for $90/user/month

Advanced security features for added protection.

SASE Agent


Next-Gen Cloud Firewall

Web and DNS Filtering

LAN Zero Trust







Protect your business against modern security threats.

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