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Transforming businesses through innovation and simplification.

Our Company

Founded in 2001 and based in Denver, Colorado, machineLOGIC is an award-winning managed IT service provider, delivering professional services expertise and Cloud, Security, and Automation solutions to small and mid-sized companies.

We believe that simplicity, innovation, and the best people are the keys to every successful business.

Your organization and its people need simple, secure, and reliable IT solutions to achieve your business goals and an expert team to guide you every step of the way.

Let us show you how we can transform your company and help you embrace the modern cloud workplace to scale your business, meet compliance goals, and drive growth.


Our Focus

We're passionate about leveraging technology to deliver tangible business results, with a keen focus on innovation and simplification. We know that a simpler solution is more reliable, costs less, and is more readily adopted and used.

Consistency is key. Our team follows carefully crafted processes to generate consistent results which keeps us engaged with you and focused on your goals. That consistency also delivers a repeatable, high-touch experience for our clients.


Our Approach

Our experienced IT consultants focus on developing a personal relationship with our clients, learning about your business needs and how best to apply technology to solve problems and create new opportunities.

Our certified engineers and consulting expertise provide your company the assurance that every implementation or support request meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

We don’t just build and support technology solutions. We build relationships that grow with your business. We take the time to know your staff and it’s that familiarity that ensures your success and ours.

Certified IT experts with a personal touch.

Our Values

Our team and our culture is built from exceptional people who exhibit key traits and a mindset that
creates an environment of energy, creativity, cooperation and innovation.

People First

Our business is based around people, not technology. We practice empathy, compassion, and cooperation to solve problems and support each other.


We look for team members that have that spark and energy to grow their careers and strive for success in all that they pursue.


Communication is the glue that holds many of our core values together. We strive to ensure we're empathetic, active listeners and that our communication is proactive, thoughtful, and transparent.


Being proactive, attentive, and thinking ahead are the key traits we lean on to stay in tune with our clients and fellow team members.


We emphasize respect, clear communication, courtesy, and follow-through to complement our team's deep technical skills.


Being invested, accountable, and focused on the quality of our work helps us ensure a successful outcome for the challenges we tackle every day.



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