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  Cloud Architecture & Consulting

Experts to seamlessly transition you to the cloud.


Our mPOWER Cloud Consulting Service leverages our team of Azure and AWS Certified Cloud Solution Architects to provide you the expertise you need to implement secure and scalable cloud solutions your business can rely upon.

Whether you need to deploy a single app in the cloud or migrate your entire production environment, our team has the experience and resources to ensure a seamless transition to cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our team of Azure and AWS Certified Cloud Solution Architects will assess your application infrastructure and existing IT infrastructure to design and implement a scalable and cost-effective cloud environment to achieve your business goals.




Benefits of Moving to the Cloud



Add more processing power, memory, and storage without incurring the added expenses of additional hardware.



Protect your data with military-grade encryption to meet PCI, HIPAA, and the highest standards for compliance.


Increased Efficiency

Optimize redundancy, performance, and security, while enhancing mobility by accessing your systems from anywhere.


Data Storage

Increase data storage and capacity at a fraction of the price of standard hardware solutions.


Reduced Costs

Reduce or eliminate costs of hardware maintenance, support, and replacement.

  Microsoft 365 Migrations

As Microsoft Gold Partners, our team has successfully migrated 1000s of users to Microsoft’s premiere business productivity and collaboration platform.

We'll guide you along every aspect of your move to Microsoft 365 by carefully planning and implementing the migration, deploying the most beneficial features to your business, and assisting your employees with follow-up training.


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Microsoft 365 Consulting - Migrations


  Microsoft Azure Migrations

Our team of Microsoft Certified Cloud Architects has deep experience transitioning traditional IT services, storage, and applications to Microsoft Azure to the gain efficiencies and scalability offered by this leading cloud platform. 

Based on your goals, our team will architect the proper design and optimize your Azure environment to streamline costs, reduce complexity, and accelerate growth.


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Microsoft Azure Migrations

  Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our mPOWER CloudProtect solution ensures that your data and applications are protected no matter what emergency strikes.

mPOWER CloudProtect provides complete protection for Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Windows Servers, SQL Server, and Windows desktops.

Our comprehensive approach protects you against emerging security threats, equipment failure and user error, to make sure your data is safely backed up and quickly retrievable.


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  Microsoft 365 Security Hardening

Our Office 365 & Microsoft 365 Security Hardening Service will uncover the security gaps within your Microsoft cloud environment that represent risk to your organization.

We review key features and configurations of Office 365 and Microsoft 365, such as multi-factor authentication, non-expiring passwords, forwarding rules, improper access, abnormal login attempts, and a multitude of other important security settings.

We'll provide clear reporting and a roadmap to get your Office 365 and Microsoft 365 environments on solid footing following Microsoft's security guidelines.


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  Microsoft Intune

Intune provides advanced options to manage device and applications, control user access, and protect data all from a cloud-based service built into the Microsoft 365 and Azure ecosystem.

Our team configures Intune to enable control of your PC and mobile devices, control access your applications and data, while protecting against data loss and breaches.

As your organization makes the transition to Azure Active Directory, we'll assist you with creating the Intune policies to adapt and transform your traditional Group Policies to this new cloud-based model.

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Conditional Access & Security Policy
  • GPO to Intune Policy Migration

  Windows Autopilot

Windows Autopilot leverages the power of Microsoft Intune, Azure Active Directory, and Window 10 to deliver an automated solution for deploying devices to support your fast-growing business.

Our team will craft the proper Intune and Autopilot policies that match your HR and IT onboarding workflow to create an out-of-box experience that reduces complexity and speeds up delivery of devices to your employees.

We'll integrate your Autopilot policies into our mPOWER Business Portal and mPOWER Procurement Services to streamline and automate your procurement requests and device deployments, linking to your system and providing detailed hardware and software inventory reporting.

  • Intune Policy Creation
  • Windows Autopilot Policy Creation
  • Distributor and Manufacture Supply Chain Integration
  • Automated PC Configuration & Deployment Options
  • HR & IT Workflow Integration

  Microsoft 365 Licensing

Many businesses have purchased Microsoft 365 directly from Microsoft or another IT partner, but they often end up with inaccurate licensing resulting in unnecessary complexity and increased costs.

Our free Microsoft 365 License Assessment service will identify how many licenses you are paying for, how many are incorrectly assigned, and how many are actually in use. We'll also identify clear options for license consolidation and pass the saving on to you.


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Free Microsoft 365 License Assessment

  Microsoft EA to CSP Migrations

Microsoft Enterprise Agreements are becoming obsolete as business shift to subscription-based cloud services like Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Our team will provide you the licensing assessment, migration assistance, and ongoing subscription management to enable a seamless shift to Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider program.


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