Cloud File Sync & Share

Cloud File Sync & Share

Cloud-based file sharing has become ubiquitous in the workplace. However, employees often use personal or consumer solutions to store company files, which exposes their employers to a variety of liability and significant security risks. Without a centrally managed, enterprise-grade file sharing system, your business lacks the control and insight into which company files your employees have access to. This can have troubling consequences if the employees leave, are terminated, or lose company devices that contain invaluable company data.

mPOWER CloudShare is a complete, secure cloud-based file sharing and collaboration solution that enables your team to safely access, manage, organize and share files from any device, anywhere.

As part of your comprehensive managed services subscription, we’ll implement a File Synchronization and Sharing (FSS) solution that’s truly designed for business. Our solution will give you full access control and management over your data, provide your employees with enhanced features to boost their productivity and mobility, and ensure that your company meets compliance standards.

  • 84% of IT professionals report security problems caused by consume File Sync and Sharing services used for company business.
  • 38% of US office workers store work documents on personal cloud tools and services.

Our cloud file sync and sharing solution is a complete, secure file sharing and collaboration solution that enables your team members to safely access, manage, organize and share files from any device and from anywhere.

Content Privacy and Security

  • Remote wipe capabilities
  • Two-factor authentication
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Policy-based control of content, users & devices
  • Auto-creation of view-only PDFs to prevent document tampering
  • Secure link sharing
  • Inactivity session timers
  • IP address white listing

Team Collaboration

  • Systems integration with Active Directory, Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, & more
  • Real-time, multi-platform sync
  • Continuous real-time backup
  • Limitless file sizes
  • Cloud-enable your file server


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