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mPOWER Networking Solutions

High-performance, Reliable & Secure Networking 

We have partnered with Cisco Systems, HP, SonicWALL and Fortinet, among other leading vendors, to provide our customers highly reliable and secure networking solutions.

We are often asked how we can improve network performance or accomplish specific tasks. Here is a list of how we can assist in solving networking challenges and improving your overall network infrastructure:


VPN & Remote Access

  • Easily link branch offices to share files and applications
  • Provide remote access to company’s network for traveling or remote employees
  • Provide secure remote access from mobile phones, tablets and laptops


Wireless Networking

  • Conduct a wireless network assessment to properly deploy a WLAN solution
  • Provide guests a wireless connection while keeping your company network secure
  • Deploy a secure wireless network to public areas or outdoor locations
  • Provide wireless network coverage to an area where providing consistent network availability is difficult
  • Centrally manage multiple wireless access points to improve security and simplify administration


Local Area Network / LAN

  • Conduct a network assessment to identify network assets, traffic patterns and bottlenecks
  • Improve network performance between PCs and servers
  • Reduce data backup time by increasing network bandwidth
  • Segment traffic to improve performance and security


Wide Area Network / WAN / ISP

  • Deploy a second internet connection to provide fail-over services in the event of a service interruption
  • Implement faster and more reliable ISP solutions, such as Fiber, EOC/Metro Ethernet, and High-Speed Business-Class Cable
  • Consolidate service providers to reduce costs and increase level of service


Network Security

  • Firewalls – block unauthorized access to your network and provide VPN/remote access
  • Penetration Testing – conduct quarterly network scans to remediate and support PCI / HIPAA compliance requirements
  • Intrusion Prevention System – monitor network traffic to prevent security threats from disrupting your business
  • Web Content Filtering – protect employees from risks by controlling access to inappropriate content and blocking website-based threats
  • E-Mail Filtering – protect against spam, viruses, trojan horses and other e-mail threats
  • E-Mail & File Encryption – transmit documents securely and encrypt files to protect confidential data


Network Administration

  • Monitor bandwidth usage of servers, routers, firewalls and switches to properly allocate network resources
  • Consolidate documentation of network assets, including technical configurations, warranty details and vendor contacts.