15 Mar 2016
SQL is coming to Linux: This is not Steve Ballmer’s Microsoft Anymore

You may have seen the announcement this week that Microsoft is releasing SQL Server on Linux: This is definitely not Steve Ballmer’s Microsoft anymore. Releasing SQL Server for open source Linux is a huge surprise. That brought to mind a couple more interesting Open Source related announcements from Microsoft from the last year or...

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13 Jul 2015
The Latest News on OneDrive for Business from YamJam Review

I checked out the OneDrive for Business YamJam today and came away with a few resources. The consistent answer from users and Microsofties alike was that the current Sync client is broke and the solution is to wait for the next one in Q4. (also supposedly the File limit on the Q4 client is 50,000...

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  • Posted by: Nathan Taylor
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17 Mar 2014
Windows XP April 8 deadline is near, threatens compliance

As of April 8, support for XP will end, presenting a variety of “zero day” security vulnerabilities as Microsoft will not no longer be providing security updates. The operating system will become susceptible to hackers and will not be able to prevent “modern day attacks.” Organizations that rely on SOX, PCI, HIPAA compliance will put themselves...

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  • Posted by: mladmin
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