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June 2016 Mile High Azure User Group Meet-up! Azure Reporting Panel

On June 21 we participated in the Azure User’s Group Meet-up at the Denver Microsoft Office. This group has been growing and getting more organized which is an exciting development. First we chatted about what’s new in the Microsoft/Azure world including Microsoft’s recent purchase of Linkedin and the many changes that have been made to the Azure platform in the last month. It’s great to get together with like-minded tech professionals to chat about the new technologies such as Block Chain as a Service.

Scott Scribner gave a presentation on Reporting in Azure. It turns out that getting to reporting on usage of Azure services can be a challenge. The reports hidden on different pages some of which are only available on the old portal and many of them don’t allow you to click through to the details. If you have an Azure Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft you get access to a new portal that has a lot more reporting capability with some nifty graphs. Hopefully they make those available to non-EA tenants in the near future. Scott also indicated there are some exciting new reporting capabilities for Azure that will be announced soon.

Eujon Sellers gave a presentation about Azure functions. Azure Functions is a new tool in Azure that is the equivalent of AWS Lambda. He used it to deploy a website from Markdown using Javascript and a few other tools. During his demonstration, he made a change to one of his markdown files and azure functions noticed the change, and re-compiled and re-deployed his website. Very cool stuff.

The meetup was a good time and It looks like we have some exciting presentations coming up at the Mile High Azure User’s Group to look forward to.